Welcome to POP417, the newest addition to the 3D model sales platform!

POP417 offers high-end, high-quality 3D assets to the CG Community worldwide.  We are a team of highly experienced 3D Artists, Photographers, Designers and Photogrammetry Experts who have come together to create assets that are photo-realistic with an unparalleled level of detail.  Our work flow starts with photo scanning real world objects to provide you with the most realistic, perfectly imperfect, high-resolution textures & geometry.  50 megapixel camera, Reality Capture, Maya, Z-Brush – POP, done!

Our objective is to take care of the not-so-fun, time-consuming, hard part so you can spend more time being the amazing CG Artist that you are.

We are here to help make your life easier, if you have a special request or feel we are missing something from our collections, please let us know.

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